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File:By Dawn's Early Light 1912.png|thumb|255px|"By Dawn's Early Light" 1912 painting by Edward Moran depicts legendary moment of the morning of September 14th, 1814. Francis Scott Key with his compatriots Colonel John Skinner and Dr. William Beanes spy the American flag waving above Baltimore's Fort Mc Henry. This inspired Key to write the work to become the American national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. '''John Stuart Skinner''' (22 February 1788 – 21 March 1851) was an American lawyer, publisher, and editor.Wilson, p. 545
Birth placeCarroll County, Maryland, United States
Death date{{death date|1851|3|21|mf=y}}(age 63)
Death placeBaltimore, Maryland, United States
ParentsFredrick Skinner, Elizabeth Steward
ReligionEpiscopal Church in the United States of America|Episcopal Church
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